The preperance of a long-distance journey.

yes, we’re planning a new long distance sailing tour.
Our search for the optimal vessel is making progress.image
Our home for the last journey, S/Y Amalie is for sale.
Though it is very hard for us, my beloved Mette and I have reach a kind of agreement to announce our home for sale.
Our children have now reach an age where they require a high-speed internet connection an a shopping centre wherever we dock.
As a parent, Mette and I require silence and peace as soon as we’re away from the loud full noise.
As from this time we will starting the process of purchase a small suitable sailing vessel for our purpose.
The vessel will not be suitable for a large family on long distance sailing.
However, it will be a small distance weekend-sailing sailboat.
During our long distance sail trip in 2012, our children have been lucky enough to to enjoy the experience of their life.
If, however, they long to experience this journey again, they have to do the journey on their own.
My guess is that only a handful out of a million had this experience.
I’m really glad our children have experience this journey.
I guess a small handful of children of the same age have the same experience.

Mette and I will in the next 2-3 years do some shorthand sailing with a high speed weekend-racer, which we have not yet purchased, practice in heavily sea and rough conditions in order to meet the roughly conditions offshore.
As soon as one of us starts talking about long distance sailing it’s bringing tears to our eyes.
Both of us is really longing to head offshore.
After our journey, 6 months of the time, our longing for heading offshore again its really strong!!!!
Yes, again, our promise to ourselves and you, is; yes we will head for a new long distance sailing journey again.
It’s not decided yet, somewhere between 2018 and 2021.
Where; not decided yet, but hopefully across the world.

Please follow us at this page. We’ll keep you updated

Take care and fair sailing!

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